NorthStarr Media Group’s Role: Producer, Director, and Writer.

NorthStarr Media Group’s Client:  CAST (Creative Autism Solutions Team )” The Creative Autism Solutions Team (CAST) was organized to create and implement innovative solutions to the daily challenges that face families dealing with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The “autism journey” can be filled with emotional, physical and attitudinal challenges – in addition to financial hardship. With 1 in 78 (1 in 54 boys) being diagnosed with an ASD, and the importance of early intensive therapy interventions, innovative solutions for their rehabilitation have become an urgent necessity. Loving, caring guidance in acquiring these services and emotional support (from those who have “been there”) is desperately needed in our community!”

NorthStarr’s Notes: The old adage about timing being everything is very accurate even as it pertains to video.  April is National “Autism  Awareness Month” which is a great time to release a video  that deals with this subject matter. In the case of the Creative Autism Solutions Team, their goal is to raise funding so that they can have a facility to provide services for people with Autism and other neurological challenges.

Releasing a video during a high recognition period can make the possibility and probability of securing funding higher if you market the video correctly. A lot of it is being aware of opportunities.   For instance, this month CAST has a fundraiser.  This video can be shown to their attendees and the best time to show it would be right before soliciting funds.  If there is an auction or if there’s someone collecting envelopes etc., this timing is ideal because it informs the audience as to what your organization is about and or for what the funding will be used. Perhaps they will be emotionally moved and want to support the cause.  The likelihood is great that most people will be open to contribute in some form or fashion.  The first clue is they are attending an event dealing with Autism so there is some sort of vested interest in the topic for an array of possible reasons. Maybe they have a child, family member or friend that is on the spectrum.  What can’t be determined is in what way or how much a person will contribute. Other ways to use the video in this same sort of setting is to have it looped and by silent auction tables and or in strategic places.  For example, CAST wants to have a sensory room set up in their location. If there is a monitor set up near a collage board it can show the sort of items will make up this customized sensory room.  This way people can see what you are doing from a purely visual perspective via the collage and the video will reinforce the organization’s goals.  From an online perspective this video can be featured on the website, blog and all social sites.  What is important is that there is information on your video and or in the direction of your post that links back to the organization so if the video gets shared, and people want to make contributions, they can find you very easily.

It’s never easy to market and promote anything, but the key is to keep in mind who your target audience is.  For instance, this video can be in an email and sent to those in the CAST database. They might want to make a contribution towards their current goals.  One thing is for certain, people must first know about your organization in order to become a supporter.

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