NorthStarr Media Group’s Client: H.Butler’s Bar B Q is a restaurant located in Sunnyvale, CA that serves southern style food and pizza.

NorthStarr Media Group’s Role: Producer, Director, and Writer.

NorthStarr’s Notes: Pre-roll ads are the videos that play before a video that you are intending to watch. For example, you might watch a popular video on You Tube but before you see it, a television style commercial, movie trailer, promotional video etc might play. However, there are some differences largely concerning the length. Traditional television runs 30 and 60 sec spots (Of course you have infomercials that vary in length and most are played late at night and are typically about 28:30 min). As it relates to Pre-roll, ads they are being shown in various lengths. For a period of time it was largely 15sec. however, recently we have observed lengths of 30secs, 1:00, 1:15 and 2:00. This would imply Pre-roll ads lengths aren’t set in stone like television ads. The online space has this flexible because its life blood isn’t trying to match its time frame with a televisions shows length.

With the various in length the online space gives H.Butler’s Bar B Q opportunity to capitalize on traditional television as well as the internet. Their 30 sec ad has already had various television time slots and with the fluctuation of Pre-roll ads they have the option to use their traditional commercial on this platform. Another smart business decision that was made concerning their video content is using some of their longer more documentary style videos (we will explain this approach in another post) and cutting them down from 4:40 sec and 6:31sec to about 30 sec. So they now have the ability to plant their videos as they see fit. It also increases their video library even though they are shorter versions of long videos. The shorter ones can be used a bait in areas where they deem their target audience lives. The shorter video can pique the interest of the potential customer which in turn can bring traffic to their website and or social site where the longer format videos can be found.

The fact that H. Bulter’s Bar B Q has a commercial that presents their food in an appetizing way, coupled with additional video content that has people endorsing their restaurant can position them to draw more patrons. This sets them up to increase their revenue.

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