The Power of  Video Content and Retail


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Malls are closing, stores, along with brick and mortar. There was a time when this was the dominant way to shop. However, as we know, online shopping and other factors such as the pandemic changed how people make their buying decisions. The current environment allows for marketing creativity and strategies that are outside of the realm of traditional approaches as it pertains to retail and increasing transactions.


ID (Inner Desires) Oakland formally known as PURE Oakland constantly adds innovative and progressive tactics to make the high-end streetwear boutique the longest-tenured store of its kind in Oakland California with a nine-year run. The pop-up shop offering is a part of the business model. However, the fact that famous music artists (such as RIP Nispsey Hussle) take part in the pop-up makes for a big draw. This is an opportunity for fans to meet, greet, buy merchandise, and obtain autographs. These steps are great as an immediate marketing approach, with the potential for a long-term impact.


A long-lasting marketing impact is paramount as there isn’t a 100% strategy however, decisions can be made that lean on the theories of possibility and probability. Video content has that sort of shelf life. Especially in a day and age when it’s not unheard of to see a person’s interview before hearing their music. Thus, the idea for the podcast entitled The Green Room. The concept is to be a conduit from the store to the online space in addition to what typically comes with an “in-store” The idea is to add a podcast element that would happen during the artist’s visit to the Brick and Mortar. The setting has a backdrop of green plants on the wall hence the name Green Room. However, a section of the show is devoted to how you make your green. A colloquialism for money. This question shouldn’t be taken at face value; it is intended to reveal revenue streams outside of music. Other topics are more in the traditional vein, type of music, style, and fashion with the opportunity to promote whatever they would like. The focus is largely on music, fashion, and business.

In the end, the efforts are to help advance the businesses’ sales and raise visibility. The video podcast allows for a marketing life after the pop-up. The fans of the artist show up in numbers, so that is an audience that might not know about the store. Once they leave and hopefully follow the social pages of the boutique. Those in attendance will most likely have an interest in what is spoken about, considering they stood in line to come and meet this person. Thus, when the video is released it will receive shares and views. The rollout of the content is important as well. These days trailers are made or some of the more interesting sound bites are released before the full-length video. In many cases, the videos are edited in a short form for specific platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok but YouTube will house the hour-long video for example. Based on the person and what’s being spoken about, these clips have viral potential. Of course, in order for this to happen one must captivate more than just those who were in attendance at the event. If this takes place the musicians and the store can possibly improve their reach.


Unfortunately, improving a store’s reach can have adverse effects. ID Oakland has been the target of multiple break-ins; however, the latest one at the new location by Lake Merrit in Oakland California was the hardest blow of all, leaving them with five percent of their inventory. This action has caused a halt to the business as a whole, transitional shopping, community events, and the production of new video content. If you would like to help keep this pillar in the community in business this is the gofundme link.  

Video content has a much longer shelf life than a single event but the two can work in tandem. With so much transition taking place with physical stores it opens the marketing creativity box. This is just one example of how the podcast can work in connection with a store. Things are different and new times call for a fresh approach. 

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