NOTE #16  NorthStarr Media Group’s Client: Dutra Cerro Graden (DCG) is a full-service consulting, development, and commercial real estate company.  They  specialize in partnering with community service providers that work to bring revitalization, education, hope, healing, enlightenment and prosperity to those they serve:

  • K-12 School Districts, Community Colleges and other Academic Institutions
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Local Governments and Agencies

NorthStarr Media Group’s Role : NorthStarr Media Group produced and directed this Client Testimonial  video.

NorthStarr’s Notes: Client Testimonial Videos are in the same vein as written words.  It’s just produced in a video format. However,  there are some advantages to having a video endorsement.  Before exploring those ides we will first address how and why  client testimonials are used.  Most potential clients would expect for a company to tell them that they are the best. When it comes down to buying decisions and the purchaser has two sales people explaining their greatness,  it’s always good for the pat on the back to come from another source such as customers or clients.  Creditable sources can have an effect on one’s purchasing decisions.  Testimonials can give your company credence.  These quotes can be used on websites, on printed material, email signatures etc.

Video Testimonials can truly  have a profound effect on swaying people toward buying your product or purchasing your service.  The written word can get lost in translation and doesn’t always convey the proper emotions in the way in which it was intended.  With video their are several visual and auditory cues that people can pick up on. This is based on body language, facial expressions and, vocal variation. Video Testimonials have the ability to make the potential clients or customers familiar with those who are endorsing the company.  The proper questions can prompt an interesting story about the customer, client relationship and or some back story on the client themselves.  The written version will either display pull quotes or the complete write up with the person’s name and title.  However, it can be a challenge to convey the same sort of  messages that the Video Testimonials can  with these sort of constraints.

A few years ago there was a heavy influx of people penetrating the real estate field.  It doesn’t appear to be that way anymore in the Bay Area.   In fact based off of our interaction in the business community, a lot of people are in a different professions altogether.  Due to the fact that DCG has strong veteran leadership and extensive  knowledge in the real estate field, this shows that they aren’t a fly-by-night firm.  This positions them to get returning or first time clients to endorse their company. It’s great that they have someone from their target market commending them.   It’s even better that it’s someone at the executive level.  These are the people that make the decisions.  It’s in the best interest of any company to have their video marketing targeted towards those that make the choices.  Either consciously or subconsciously, people at times make a connection with others based on their commonalities. In this case it makes sense to interview an executive because you want to market to a high ranking person. Even if it’s in a different industry, the connection could be in their job title.  It’s always good to consider all of your human connection points when having a video produced.

Once the video is produced it’s important that a company uses the various  marketing channels to get their testimonials in front of people. Posting them on your website is helpful as well as social sites, YouTube Channel (or other video hosting sites),  as well make it a part of a Rich Media campaign and email blast. With the popularity of Instagram, it’s worth having a 15 sec version of the video. This can serve as a teaser or trailer. Make sure that there  is a link in the profile that takes people to the full version of the video.  Make it as easy as you can for your followers to obtain the content that the company it promoting.  This is an opportunity to grow the client base and or have the video shared or re-posted.

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