NorthStarr Media Group’s Role: Marketing Idea and  Execution

NorthStarr’s Notes:  We set the tone for the marketing of the NorthStarr Classic Vinyl  5 Panel hat by NorthStarr Media Group  with a teaser post.  “Coming Soon” NorthStarr Classic Vinyl 5 Panel hat series by NorthStarr Media Group. 4 colors, a new color released each week.”

Coming Soon Post.

Coming Soon Post.

From a design standpoint there’s a faint sort of a record groove effect in the background.  The hard to make out object  is a turntable.  This a  foreshadowing of what was to come.  The promotional pictures are all images of the four hats sitting on a turntable with a needle placed on the bill as if the hat is the vinyl record. This was a throwback to the days when people played records.   This is dedicated to the D.J.’s. Music plays a big part in our video productions thus it was only right that we gave a nod to one of the elements that assist with provoking the desired moods in our work.

We used what we call “advice marketing quotes.”  With the “Everybody’s A Starr Series the quotes were more encouraging.  Our goal this time is to give music analogies while encompassing quotes that we believe can spark some ideas about life.  However, this still falls under the definition of what we call “Positive Motivational Marketing” (promoting a product or service while having a goal to put people in a positive mind state) it’s just that our aim is to psychologically influence  people to  think  about life, their place in it , to maintain stick-to-itiveness , and also the message that uncomfortable situations don’t have to be permanent ones.

We released a post a week with the quotes on all of the social sites.  What’s attractive to us is the idea of coupling insight with our apparel.  Even if someone doesn’t make a transaction when they see what’s being promoted at the time. The school of thought is if they see value in the message you have a connection.  The likelihood is greater that they will keep us in mind and perhaps make a purchase in the future.   However, even if  a transaction is not made, but the words help someone along their day, we find a reward in that too. One never knows what a person is going through during a particular  time and moment and how they can be affected  merely by what’s on their timeline.

NorthStarr Classic Vinyl 5 panel  hats can be purchased at our STARR STORE.

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“How do you wear your Starr?”