Core Belief #2:

Throw the Rope

Over Hat



NorthStarr’s Notes: We are stark believers in providing information and helping others when we are in a position to do so. Thus, our message is “Be Willing to Throw the Rope Over.” The idea is to push or highlight what we deem can help people. Getting yourself or your company to the position to have positive strides in life is a great accomplishment in itself. However; it’s also fulling to assist in the growth and development of others. Thus, we deem this as one of our “Core Beliefs.”


The hat has a contrasting rope that runs across the top of the bill. This hat was selected because it correlates with the statement as it pertains to the “rope”. We felt that from a thematic standpoint, this style of hat would be a great fit. It’s an opportunity to add an additional visual component to one of your beliefs. This hat isn’t meant to be a copy of the shirt’s design but another avenue to get this message across. There is a tag sewn in the middle of that hat that says. NorthStarr Classic Apparel “Be Willing to Throw the Rope Over.” Fashion with a statement. This is our slogan. We are aiming to establish the types of apparel that we are putting on the market. This is our first attempt to bring our slogan via our clothing.

PHOTO BY Brandon Scott Taylor


The approach for the packaging was to design a concept that is connected to the theme. We implemented a rope and a branded black carabiner key chain with a black key ring. When a customer opens their box the hat will be wrapped in black paper with a rope that will go around the hat and connect in the front with the carabiner as the link between both ends of the rope and a NorthStarr sticker that allows the paper to stay closed on both sides. We believe that this look is in the vein of the message on the hat. However, we wanted a portion of the packing to have a life after the hat is worn. Thus, we added a key ring to the carabiner that has the NorthStarr Classic Apparel logo so that customers can have a key chain that has the company’s messaging.


The hats come in four colors white, navy blue, spruce (green), and black. They all have black tags with white words. The rope on the hat is the same color as the hat.


The messaging concerning core belief #2 is one that we needed more today than ever. So we felt compelled to encourage people to help out where they can. We never know when we could be on the opposite end of the rope.