NorthStarr Media Group’s Client: Northern California Community Development (  NCCD is a nonprofit organization whose “mission it is to preserve, strengthen, and empower our families, households, residents and community by increasing economic development; promoting safe and healthy neighborhoods, providing high-quality and well-maintained affordable housing and encouraging healthy lifestyles.”

NorthStarr Media Group’s Role: Producer, Director, and Writer.

 NorthStarr’s Notes:  We feel comfortable categorizing this type of video as “Documentary Style” as opposed to a documentary.  The reason that we say “style” is because our approach to making a documentary would call for a deeper exploration on the subject matter.  However, the project is made in the frame work and or same structure that a documentary has.  For example, the ways in which the interviews are shot and some documentation over a course of time. However, it falls short of warranting the “documentary” title as we see them because it merely just deals with the topic from a surface perspective and doesn’t dig deep into the crux of the characters story etc.  If we were in fact aiming to make a documentary deeper research and back story as well as extensive documentation would have been a part of this production.

Our goal for this production was to display the work that Chase Bank and NCCD are doing to provide affordable homes for qualified low income home buyers.  We also focused on “Project YES” (Youth Empowerment Services) which is a NCCD pilot program that helps at risk youth to get education and job skills.

This style of video is effective because it can educate the public on the types of work that a company, and in the case of NCCD non-profit, is doing in the community.  Documenting the noble aspects of a company, brand, non-profit is a brilliant idea from a marketing perspective.  NCCD and non-profits in general can always use support be it economic or other.  It’s one thing to tell people about your community work however, having the visual component is much more effective than just merely talking about one’s cause. NCCD has always been about helping people and it still is today which means that it only makes sense that they have documentation of their work.  They consistently take on new projects that are for the betterment of others.  However, funding is always in the equation.  If you can show others what your company truly does to help people and how it works then the possibility and probability is greater that others will support you.

The program that they are doing in conjunction with Chase Bank is great to present to supporters and or potential supporters. In this video it shows how NCCD is helping youth make sound educational choices.  It also highlights their on-the-job training program in the field of construction and home renovation.   Other topics that are addressed are fixing eye sores caused by the foreclosure crisis as well as providing an opportunity for people to become property owners.

The truth is, a brand, company or nonprofit can document as much of their noble work as they like however, it does them no good if people don’t see it. One can’t support your cause if they don’t know about it.  This video can be used in various ways, on You Tube, their websites, as part of a presentation, and across all of their social networking platforms.  If the right people see it, the visual reference can provide a great human connection which in turn can motivate donors to assist with future endeavors.

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