NorthStarr Media Group is a Bay Area-based multimedia production company that has specialized in all areas of production for over 21 years. Our projects are budget based. We provide various video production services; this is why we take on the title of a one-stop-shop for your video marketing or original content needs. However, we aren’t merely a group that shoots, writes, edits (all aspects of post-production), directs, and produces high-end content.  We also provide our clients with the best course of action to take with their finished projects.  It’s our aim to position our clientele closely to the goal that they have for their content. It’s our belief that the video’s marketing is extremely important to the project’s effectiveness. NorthStarr Media Group lives for our client’s success!


    NorthStarr Media Group approaches each project not only artistically, but with a business sensibility. We have learned that it’s not enough only to produce aesthetically pleasing projects, but we understand that customer service is just as important as a nicely framed shot. Our STAND-ALONE MARKETING VIDEO SUGGESTION SERVICES allows us to provided our clients recommendations, on short video clips, that didn’t make it into the final cut, but can assist in their desired messaging. These can be posted on their social media platforms.

    Engulfing ourselves in the industry and/or topic, along with paying close attention to details provided by the client, is an approach that we use in order to produce not only visually appealing projects but content accurate. We are storytellers-              “If there’s a story, we can tell it!”


    We are so committed and dedicated to the concept of “Starr Service” that we developed a blog entitled NorthStarr Notes.  It provides insight into the types of videos that are available and the ways in which entrepreneurs, marketers, etc., can use the videos to get the best return on their investment.


    Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies are the types of entities, as well as an array of industries, that have utilized our custom production services.

    Mobile devices, Social sites, online space, streaming services, and TV are some of the media for which our various storytelling styles are made.