NorthStarr Media Group’s Client: Stanford University (Arts Intensive Program) .The Arts Intensive (AI) Program offers students the opportunity to study intensively with Stanford arts faculty and small groups of other Stanford students passionate about art. The AI program takes place over three weeks in September before the start of the Autumn Quarter.”

 NorthStarr Media Group’s Role: Producer, Director, and Writer.

 NorthStarr’s Notes: Promotional Videos are a very popular style that highlights what a brand or company has to offer as well as its uniqueness, etc.  In the case of Stanford University, this prestigious educational institution opted to adopt this type of video to spread the word about their Arts Intensive program.

In the past, Stanford wasn’t a school that traditionally comes to mind when one thinks of higher education and art.  Thus, a promotional video was a great fit for them to use as a way in which to inform current students, alumnus, perspective students, and just the public as a whole about the AI program. In the case of this project it was imperative that the types of classes that are offered were conveyed clearly and concisely.  For example, courses such as Acting Intensive, Ballet Intensive, and Drawing Intensive aren’t only verbally communicated but accompanied with motion graphics to assist the viewing audience with the laundry list of offered classes.

In addition to covering the classes, unique facets of this program are also a part of this story.  For instance, the students stay with the classmates that are in the program for a three week period.  They also take field trips to various places that are germane to their course.

The way in which this promotional video becomes germane to their marketing is they can use it for fund raising, social sites, websites as well as events. Stanford University could possibly now be included in the art and academic conversation which can trigger a steady flow of students signing up for the AI program and in turn the program sees great growth and development.

With this program one can see the ways in which a company, brand, institution of higher learning can use promotional videos to inform about one’s current business structure and the changes that are being made in this evolving era.

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